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Podskali Customs House at Vyton in Prague - tourist attractions and sightseing     
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Podskali Customs House at Vyton

Rasinovo nabrezi 30, Prague 2

There used to be an old settlement called Podskali on the right bank of the river Vltava, between the present Palackeho bridge and Zeleznicni bridge. Podskali existed already in the 12th century and its inhabitants mostly worked as rafters, fishermen and ferrymen. There was the largest market with wood in Prague: people used to bring wood in rafts and they had to pay customs on it in an old Customs House. The Customs House was a lively place, where raftsmen used to meet in a tavern and tell each other stories, especially legends about water sprites. Nowadays, the Podskali is demolished and the Customs House is the only building preserved there.
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