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Hotel U Tri Capu

Valdstejnske namesti 8
Prague 1

Pictures and photos of Hotel U Tri capu in Prague Prague hotel U Tri Capu photo U Tri Capu hotel photo hotel U Tri Capu picture Photo of hotel U Tri Capu Picture of Prague U Tri Capu hotel hotel U Tri Capu Praha U Tri Capu hotel Praha U Tri Capu hotel Praha U Tri Capu hotel Praha U Tri Capu hotel Praha U Tri Capu hotel Praha
Rooms:Luxury hotel offering accommodation in two types of rooms- Standart and De Luxe.
Each room is equipped with double bed, air conditioning, plasmic TV+DVD, safe and minibar.
In more comfortable and bigger De Luxe rooms is, exept this, also a living area with sofa and table.
Just two from the total amount of rooms (10 De Luxe and 8 Standart rooms)have a bath.The rest of bathroom are with shower.
Services:The willing personel is there to help you 24 hours a day, so do not hesitate to ask the receptionist for ordering taxi, some interesting tour or your personal guide, exchange money or payment with credit cards, providing tickets for theatre or concerts as well as laundry and ironing service.
Because the Wi-Fi connection in the hotel, itīs easy to be on-line anytime. In case you do not bring your own laptop, ask at the reception to lend you some for fee 120,-CZK per hour.
Panoramatic lift is there to make your stay here more comforlable.
Restaurant:Wallenstein restaurant, place with long tradition is there in the ground floor to welcome you every day from 12:00 till 22:00.
Specialties from Czech or international cuisine are served there with an assistance of profesional staff.
Parking:Parking places are provided in garages of Hotels Hoffmeister or Pyramida in the neighbourhood. For fee 550,-CZK per a day will be your car parked and bring back.
Breakfast:In the restaurant in the groun floor is every day from 7:00 till 10:00 served a breakfast in warm buffet style.
Attractions:Prague attractions close to hotel U Tri Capu:
Auersperg Palace - Clary Aldringen Palace , Ledebour Garden , Thun Palace , Kolowrat Garden , St. Thomas Church and Monastery , Sternberg Palace - Lesser Town , Waldstein Palace...

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