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Vysehrad, Prague 2

Vysehrad is one of the most important historical places in Prague. It is a mighty fortress on a high cliff above the river Vltava. You can recognize it from far thanks to Gothic towers of the Church of St. Peter and Paul, situated there. Vysehrad is a storied place and a seat of the first King of Bohemia in the 11th century. Remains of various buildings on the hill illustrate the colorful history of the place.
Vysehrad on map of Prague:
Other Prague attractions near Vysehrad
0.29km (0.18miles)St. Martin Rotunda - Vysehrad, Prague 2
0.44km (0.27miles)St. Lawrence Basilica at Vysehrad - Vysehrad, Prague 2
0.45km (0.27miles)Vysehrad Gardens - Vysehradske sady, Prague 2
0.56km (0.34miles)Nuselsky Bridge - Nusle, Prague 4
0.59km (0.36miles)Church of St. Peter and Paul at Vysehrad - Vysehrad, Prague 2
0.59km (0.36miles)Vysehrad Cemetery and Slavin - Vysehradske sady, Prague 2
0.83km (0.51miles)Church of Charles the Great - Ke Karlovu 1, Prague 2
0.93km (0.58miles)Podskali Customs House at Vyton - Rasinovo nabrezi 30, Prague 2
1.23km (0.76miles)Emaus Monastery - Vysehradska 49, Prague 2
1.32km (0.82miles)St. Catherine Church and former convent - Katerinska 30, Prague 2
Hotels close to Vysehrad
0.25km (0.15miles)Hotel Amadeus 2 - Slavojova 108/08, Prague 2
0.38km (0.23miles)Hotel Union - Ostrcilovo namesti 4, Prague 2
0.54km (0.33miles)Hotel U Semika - Vratislavova 36, Prague 2
0.55km (0.34miles)Hotel Corinthia Towers - Kongresova 1, Prague 4
0.63km (0.39miles)Hotel Gallery - Na Dolinach 43, Prague 4
0.92km (0.57miles)Hotel Alexis - Zavisova 20, Prague 2
1km (0.62miles)Hotel City Club Prague - Sokolska 10, Prague 2
1.1km (0.68miles)Hotel Otar - Sevrena 1302/2, Prague 4
1.13km (0.7miles)Hotel Le Palais - U Zvonarky 1, Prague 2
1.17km (0.72miles)Hotel Green Garden - Fugnerovo namesti 4, Prague 2

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